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About Us

We are a Gauteng Marketing Solutions that embark on extensive marketing and advertising drive for prospective buyers by means of creating more awareness of the products or services offered by our clients, with the integration that covers sales performance, strategic activations, attraction of new business and act on behalf of the product or service life cycle.


We have enhanced Group Software Programs that allow and facilitates modern communication, allowing more flexibility from a remote location. Our data recruiting systems offers a wide range of digital exposure with innovative Information Technology support, cyber systems and network management.


Our clients experience sales improvements, strategic activations, required market research results, current trends and developments, sufficient market recognition, attraction of new business, adequate market exposure, understanding their target audience profile and business sustainability for long term measures.


At Realistic Strategists, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and exceeding client expectation and we dedicate to provide tailored solutions that align with your business objectives with our diverse range of services, we are your one step destination for all your marketing and advertising needs.

Strategic Activation

We institutionalize strategies by formulating deprived plans and programs, in order to translate general objective into specific objectives. Therefore we source expertise and resources to accomplish goals set by our prospective buyers our integration covers strategic business plans, drafting business proposals, marketing plans, advertising plans, distribution strategies and data analysis.


Our digital marketing activities became increasingly incorporated into marketing plans, and our digital marketing campaigns become prevalent, employing combination of digital tools to enhance online advertising and shopping we provide speciality in google advertising, search engine optimization, electronic direct marketing, social media marketing, geo targeting and ecommerce (B2B and B2C.)

Public Relation Management

Public relation campaigns build mutual beneficial relationships between our clients and their public, ultimately it persuades them to maintain positive or favourable views about our activities in regards to promoting goodwill and not only persuade them but also influence how they think we conduct sufficient services to resolve crises management, strategic communication, media relations, public, affairs and community relations.

Event Management

Our event coordinators meticulously plan, organize, manage and control various events, they coordinate meetings with prospective buyers to determine details about how they want the event to be carried out in order to attract best matches of their needs, we excel in product launching/exhibitions, dinner parties, private conferences and award ceremonies.

Brand Management

We analyse how brands are currently being perceived if it is to achieve its full objectives, and continue to ensure that the brand is perceived as planned and secures its intended objectives during its life cycle we deliver reputation sustainability, brand development, brand awareness, brand recognition and brand Loyalty.

Promotional Management

Our strategies in promoting products or services our prospective buyers offer include extensive preparation to plan, design and evaluate our marketing communication to the intended target market. We create and communicate a creative brief to outline critical components of the promotion, such as price competitions, packaging and displays, designing planograms.

Corporate Communication

Responsibilities for communicating the organisation's message with internal or external audience depends on how precise are we playing our roles to disseminate effective communication, we cover internal communication (corporate identity) and external communication (corporate social responsibility).


Our advertising basics help to create or develop a distinctive brand for business, prompt specific actions to stimulate desire and create sales with carefully designed message, we cover printed advertising, radio advertising and television advertising.

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